Our company is involved not only in the healthcare business, but is also actively involved in organizing or supporting various social and artistic projects.

Our initiatives include projects promoting and supporting Polish and Australian arts. We have sponsored the National Opera and Roma Theatre. We have organized and supported many art exhibitions, as well as publication of a series of calendars presenting outstanding Polish artists. We have sponsored exhibitions at the Zachęta Gallery, the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, and the Pharmacy Museum in Kraków. We have cooperated for many years with the Print and Poster Gallery in Warsaw. We are also engaged in humanitarian activities, including subsidies and donations for healthcare facilities, Polish Humanitarian Action, Amnesty International and others.

We believe that art is the “medicine of the soul” and we believe that we have obligations to the society in which we operate, hence our commitment to art and social responsibility.

Our initiatives:



kangur tab

We have adopted a kangaroo from the Warsaw ZOO!

From February 2019 our company has a new team member: a knagaroo from the Warsaw ZOO!



Symphar is a strategic sponsor of alpinist Milka Raulin!IMG-20180409-WA0010

Our company is a strategic sponsor of Milka Raulin for her expedition to Mount Everest this year




Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tel Aviv

In cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tel Aviv, SymPhar was a sponsor of the first two-day trip from Gaza to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, organised for children from Polish-Palestinian families. This was the first time that many of the children had been allowed out of Gaza.

Amnesty International

In cooperation with Amnesty International, SymPhar sponsored a campaign of writing postcards calling to free prisoners of conscience in Belarus. We are deeply grateful to more than five thousand Polish doctors who supported the campaign


Self-pharmacological / In casi di cattivi odorizaproszenie2-2

In 2014, SymPhar was a sponsor of an exhibition called Self-pharmacological /In casi di cattivi odori by Jacek Sroka held at the Museum of Pharmacy of the Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum.


Oncological Hospice of the Pro Salute Foundationlogo-fundacji

SymPhar gave a subsidy to the Oncological Hospice of the Pro Salute Foundation. The funds were allocated to care and treatment of patients in a terminal phase of neoplastic diseases.


Polish Humanitarian ActionSymglic_Pajacyk

We supported the “Pajacyk” programme implemented by the Polish Humanitarian Action.


Symphar Calendar Series okładka kalendarz 2018

Series of calendars supporting Australian and Polish artists.


SymPhar Music Therapy04_CSR

We have organized live music concerts in hospitals which have been attended by thousands of patients. Hopefully in our own small way we have not only given them pleasure but have also helped them to heal.