About Symphar

Symphar is a health and wellness company dedicated to providing pharmaceutical, medical and nutritional products at a high quality and affordable price. We are a Polish company but have Australian roots.We were established in 2004 and our first goal was to introduce innovative and affordably-priced health products to the Polish patient and consumer, by importing and distributing unique products from various international producers.

Due to the prohibitive price of some international prescription pharmaceutical products, in 2006 we decided to extend our activities into providing these same prescription pharmaceuticals, with a quality complying with the highest international guidelines, but at a price accessible to every Polish patient. The new generation of medicines from SymPhar – our “SymGeneration” family – was born.

Since then we have introduced new products every year. Either affordably priced innovative prescription pharmaceutical products, or unique medical devices, or nutritional supplements. Now we have around 40 products available in Poland and many different groups of patients and consumers benefit from our products. We are involved in women’s and men’s health; pain and wound management; diagnosis and treatment of diabetes; blood pressure and heart problems; and several psychiatric/neurologic disorders including depression, anxiety, psychosis, , Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy. We also provide products for prevention and treatment of allergies, and have a range of products for the treatment of various types of cancer. We are also becoming increasingly involved in the provision of products which the consumer can buy without a prescription (unique wound-prevention and healing products; specialist vitamin supplements; and our newest non-prescription innovation – a unique product for the treatment of haemorrhoids). All our products must comply with two simple criteria – that they are of top quality, and that they are affordable to every Pole.

But Symphar is a company which not only provides products for physical and mental health, but we also believe in the healing power of art and music and in social responsibility. We have organized live concerts in Polish hospitals (“Symphar Muzykoterapia”) which have given pleasure and hopefully helped the healing process in thousands of patients. We are active in the arts and our innovative calendars are a showcase of Australian-Polish visual arts. We have organized campaigns to contribute to charities such as “Pajacyk” and “Woda Pitna”. We have even sponsored a campaign by Amnesty International in Poland to free political prisoners in our Eastern neighbours..

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information about our company or our products.