Follow the kangaroo with confidence!

Symphar is a dynamically growing middle-size pharmaceutical company in Poland, offering a range of Rx and OTC products, food supplements and medical devices.

Letter from the CEO

Dear Visitor,

First of all – thank you for visiting our site! I hope that you find the information you are looking for about our company and our products. If not, please contact us directly.

It is my pleasure to tell you something about our company.

Symphar is a modern, dynamically-growing healthcare company dedicated to providing pharmaceutical, medical and nutritional products at a high quality and affordable price to the Polish patient and consumer.

Although we are proud to be a Polish company, as an Australian I have also tried to bring in some positive influences from my culture. So we try to combine the openness, dynamism, optimism and informality of Australia with the ambition, work ethic and desire for a better future which is so typical of the new Poland. This fresh approach to business culture we hope is to the benefit of the patients who use our products, our customers and our employees.

We offer a broad range of products in the areas of diabetology, cardiology, gynaecology, urology, psychiatry, neurology, allergoloy, oncology and other therapeutic areas, both prescription products and products available from pharmacies without a prescription. In addition, we are constantly introducing valuable new products to the market. We source products from Poland and all over the world in order to bring the benefits of these international products to the Polish consumer, but always keeping in mind Polish realities.

Our overriding considerations when we bring a new product to the market are:

  • Is it an “honest” product and will it do what we claim?
  • Can we bring it to the market at a price to suit the Polish reality?

We try to bring a fresh and honest approach to the market in which we operate. We offer only products that have a clear and documented benefit. So from us you will not find products promising to make you feel better if the weather forecast is bad. No products which claim to make a man irresistible to a woman (or vice versa!). No products which will promise miraculous weight loss. No products which encourage you to pursue an unhealthy diet because we have something which will help your liver recover from your bad diet choices. All our products, whether prescription pharmaceuticals, OTC pharmaceuticals, medical devices or nutritional supplements have a clear evidence base and will do what they are supposed to do.

So follow the kangaroo with confidence!

Best regards and thank you for taking the trouble to visit our website.

Simon Lucas

Founder & CEO