Sorbact® ribbon gauze


Sorbact® ribbon gauze


  • Bacteria and fungi binding ribbon gauze.
  • For moderately exuding wounds.
  • Use for fistulas and to cover large areas.
  • For fistulas: insert Sorbact® ribbon gauze into the fistula and leave one end outside the fistula. Cover with Sorbact® absorption dressing or Sorbact® foam dressing®.
  • • For dermal fungal infections in skin folds: Use the 2 or 5 cm ribbon gauze. Secure appropriately outside the infected area.

Sorbact® ribbon gauze is available in two different sizes:

  • 2 x 50 cm (0,8 x 19,5 in)
  • 5 x 200 cm (2 x 78 in)

Sorbact®ribbon gauze is available in pharmacies and in online store (with no reimbursement).

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