Aripiprazole SymPhar


Aripiprazole Symphar 15 mg

Available in packs of 28 or 56 tablets.

Active ingredient: Aripiprazolum

Indications: Aripiprazole Symphar is used in the treatment of adults and teenagers aged 15 and more years suffering from schizophrenia – a disorder characterised by such symptoms as seeing, hearing and feeling non-existing things, excessive suspicion, convictions in contradiction with reality, incoherent speech and behaviour, as well as emotional stupor. Patients may also feel sadness, anxiety or tension, as well as have a feeling of guilt.

Aripiprazole Symphar is used in adults and teenagers aged 13 and more years for treatment of manic episodes with such symptoms as: strong excitement, bursting with energy, decreased need for sleep, very rapid speech, racing thoughts and sometimes increased irritability. In adults, the drug also prevents relapse of the above-mentioned symptoms in patients who responded to treatment with Aripiprazole Symphar.

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